Permanent Makeup Artistry - Pittsburgh, PA

Our Pittsburgh permanent makeup artist, Robyn Lee, is one of the top permanent makeup artists in Pittsburgh, PA. Robyn is certified by one of the most prestigious permanent schools in the United States! Robyn places a high emphasis in continued education and stays up to date with the latest techniques in Permanent Cosmetics.

You should consider Permanent Makeup Artistry in Pittsburgh, PA if:

You want a top permanent makeup artist working on your beauty. Robyn has the skills and experience to ensure your next permanent makeup procedure looks fabulous. Often times, customers come to us after it is too late and they are unhappy with someone else’s work. We are permanent makeup corrections experts and we can help those in need of permanent cosmetics corrections. Please be advised that most permanent makeup artists were trained years ago and do not stay up to date with modern industry standards. In addition to that, most microblading artists have not attended a hands on microblading school. In fact, some have learned on the internet by watching videos. We tell you this out of concern for your beauty. At Permanent Makeup Artistry in Pittsburgh, you can rest assured knowing that we are certified in both Permanent Makeup and Microblading.

Microbladed Eyebrows

Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent Lip Color

Permanent Eyebrows

Permanent Eyebrows

Eyebrows are the most identifying feature on the face. They draw attention to your eyes and create symmetry to frame your face. With permanent eyebrow color you can get rid of all those daily fixes like brow pencils and powders.  If your eyebrows are too light, barely there, or are not complete because of a scar, with the aid of micropigmentation you can wake up to perfect eyebrows everyday without the worry of smudges or reapplying.

Regrettably, many individuals have difficulties trying to figure out how they can shape their eyebrows in a manner that flatters their facial area. Having your eyebrows once and for all enhanced can help to save precious time, aggravation, as well as fear. Our distinct process of long lasting Eyebrows includes adding numerous shades to your brow color; in the form of fine hair strokes in the places where your own brow hair is limited or even missing.

Permanent Lip Color

Want more youthful, vibrant and luscious lips? Following a lip treatment at Shear Talent you will no longer have the stresses of removing lipstick on your teeth or worry about your lipstick bleeding causing you to have to reapply.  Instead you can be confident that your lips will always look the way you wanted without any of the hassle. Before the treatment begins, you will have a consultation with our makeup specialist to determine color and condition. If you would like a certain color shade matched please bring it with you.

Lip color can make a big difference in your appearance since it enhances your smile. It can make your lips look fuller and give you that crisp edge that came with youth. There are dozens of colors available to choose from as well as custom mixed colors to get the shade that you desire.

LIP LINER is a fine line around the perimeter of the lip meant to define the shape of your lips and add fullness.

LIP FADE is a lip liner plus aproximately 1/3 of your lip filled in with color. It fades gradually to the color of your lips where the color ends for a more natural look.

FULL LIP COLOR is lip liner plus coloring that fills in the entire lip.

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permanent eyeliner PGH permanent makeup artistry
Permanent Eyeliner

Eyeliner is the simplest way to make your eyes stand out. A simple talk with our beauticians will help us create the shape and width you desire. If you are looking for a more subtle look, a thin line on your lash line can improve the look of your eyelashes making them appear fuller and darker. Let our experienced makeup artist at Shear Talent give you the eyes you’ve always wanted and never worry about runny eyeliner again!

The Benefits of Permanent Makeup

The most apparent advantage of permanent makeup is it will easily help you save time. Individuals with hectic daily schedules, lengthy commutes as well as several obligations save more than a few minutes from their morning regime every day. But you never have to be concerned with your makeup smudging or even fading — permanent makeup won’t come off after swimming, exercising or even showering. However there are many reasons for someone to have permanent makeup beyond the time saving advantages.

People who have physical disabilities or impaired motor skills, for example arthritis, Parkinson’s disease or even multiple sclerosis, might prefer permanent makeup mainly because it’s challenging for them to apply makeup by themselves. With permanent makeup, they are still able to wear makeup and never have to care about whether or not they’ve applied it properly. Those that have poor vision might also invest in permanent makeup for the similar reasons.

You can also find aesthetic reasons why people use permanent makeup. After reconstructive surgery, particularly of the face or breasts, permanent makeup may help get back the skin’s physical appearance to normal if pigment was lost in surgery. As a matter of fact, many people decide to try permanent makeup procedures to enhance the results of cosmetics breast. Individuals with hair loss conditions that lead them to lose their eyebrows might get permanent eyebrow tattoos, while individuals with lip scars could use permanent lipstick to conceal the undesirable scars. Permanent makeup may also help people who have cosmetic allergies or even individuals with pigmentation conditions like vitiligo, causing the appearance of uneven white patches on the skin.

Disclosure: *If you have to cancel your follow up appointment, you will need to cancel within 48 hours of your appointment time. If you fail to cancel within 48 hours or miss your follow up visit, you will be charged a $50 rescheduling fee. This policy is strictly enforced.

*Perfection Visit/follow up- There will be a $50 fee for all 3-12 week touch up appointments. This fee cover all supplies. After 12 weeks this fee goes up to $100. Any appointments after 8 months will be considered a “Color Boost” and you will be charged accordingly.

*$100 deposit is required at time of scheduling any new service/procedure